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QuickFIX/J issues can be discussed on the mailing lists hosts at the QuickFIX SourceForge project site.

Issue/Bug Tracker 

We use Github for issue and bug tracking. You can create an account for yourself and submit or monitor issues, bugs, development roadmaps and more.


We use Github for our community knowledge base

FIX Protocol Questions

If you need to ask general questions about the FIX protocol, the forums at the FIX Protocol Limited web site are a good place to ask them. Please avoid asking general FIX questions on the QuickFIX mailing lists.

Commercial support (Training and Consulting)


Founded in 1999 by financial markets and IT professionals, Smart Trade Technologies is an Independent Software Vendor, (I.S.V.) of electronic trading solutions for Foreign Exchange, Capital and Equities Markets. Smart Trade Technologies designs, develops and distributes to financial institutions, transaction platforms available via internet, extranet or private network. It allows traders, sales, market-makers and clients to access to a private exchange where customized bids and asks are gathered in real time. Smart Trade uses QuickFIX/J in their market connectivity solutions and is available for consulting support. For more information see

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Macdonald Associates Ltd., founded in 1983, has a pan-European presence covering the UK, Switzerland and Germany. The company has a range of trading products in the equity and fixed income markets and also offers training and consulting to financial institutions. Macdonald has been active in the QuickFIX community and uses QuickFIX within their own product line. For more details, see or email [email protected]

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Object Computing Inc. (OCI) is a privately held software engineering company. OCI was founded in 1993 with a commitment to object oriented technology. Today OCI provides software systems consulting, product development, and educational services to progressive corporations across the United States in the Aerospace, Finance, Healthcare and Telecommunication market segments. OCI was one of the pioneers of open source middleware and has an extensive C++ and Java CORBA, open source client base. The St. Louis based OCI Education Center has one of the most extensive object technology and Java training curricula in the Mid West. OCI has a significant presence in Phoenix as well as St. Louis, where its corporate headquarters are located. OCI is a Sun Authorized Java Center and member of the OMG. For more information see

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