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I've modified QuickFixJ in order to dynamically create Fix Sessions. It seems to work fine.

I'm wondering if this is a wished/planned feature.

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  1. Are you able to publish the required changes ?

  2. See Spring integration in the wish-list : it mentions dynamic creation of FIX sessions.

  3. This topic could be discussed more effectively on the mailing list. QFJ already supports dynamic acceptor sessions (since 1.3.0). Can you be more specific about what you've implemented and how? Thanks.

  4.  I wasn't aware that this feature was supported for Acceptors. I'm relatively new to QuickFixJ. Basically, What I've done is to synchronize the access of the sessions object in the SessionConnector class and created a method declared: 

        public Session addSession(SessionID sessionId) throws ConfigError, FieldConvertError,

     in all the acceptors and initiators. These methods implements the same code used when initializing the acceptor / initiator sessions.

    I'm aware that synchronization implies a performance penalty, but this feature could be very useful for us. I apologize for discussing this here. I'll use the mailing list in the future.