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Provide more support for user-defined testing. See also: Improved Acceptance Test Framework

Replace JUnit by TestNG It has still more features than JUnit 4 and does
provide external test data in XML files (similar to FIT).

Some of the interesting features for QuickFIX/J include:

  • Java 5 annotations or XDoclets
  • Test dependencies (dependent tests are skipped if the test they depend on fails)
  • Test grouping (both nested and with dependencies)
  • flexible XML configuration
  • Parameterized tests using parameters from XML files or Data Providers for complex objects
  • Configurable logging and reporting (supports JUnitReport).
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  1. I was just looking at TestNG and thinking it sounded like it has some good features. Do you have any idea how much time would be required to convert the existing JUnit-based tests? Are you using TestNG on any current projects?